[Reopening] Sanrio Puroland “Miracle Gift Parade”(2015-)

[再開]サンリオピューロランド「Miracle Gift Parade」

Miracle Gift Parade, the largest parade in Puroland, art-directed by Sebastian Masuda, will resume after an interval of three years! A new key visual designed by Sebastian Masuda has also been unveiled.

The Miracle Entertainment, a collaboration between Puroland and Japanese pop culture artists including Hyadain, who wrote the lyrics and composed the theme song, and MIKIKIKO, who choreographed the parade, is finally back.

With the addition of limited-time-only visual effects and other features, the show is sure to be fun for everyone, whether you are a regular visitor or seeing it for the first time.

増田セバスチャンがアートディレクションを務めるピューロランド最大のパレード「Miracle Gift Parade」が約3年ぶりに再開決定!増田セバスチャンデザインの新キービジュアルも公開されました。



Miracle Gift Parade, PUROLAND’s biggest entertainment event, is back on stage for the first time in three years!
Experience once again the parade filled with Kawaii and excitement!

The theme of the parade is “Miracle.
Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, My Melody and other Sanrio characters from the “Strawberry Kingdom” will appear on a colorful float,
They will appear on a colorful float, inviting you to a fairy tale world where miracles happen.

This is a parade where you can experience the touching miracle that happens when the small acts of kindness of each and every one of us are connected.
The story of the parade will convey the importance of being ” Kawaii”, “Nakayoku(Friendly)”, and “Omoiyari(Kindness)”,Sanrio characters will deliver heartwarming gifts to you.

[Outline of the event]
Period: June 17, 2023 (Saturday) – End date undecided
Place: Sanrio Puroland, 1F Purolog Village
Number of performances:One or two times a day (performance times will be announced on the website)
Running time:About 25 minutes


ピューロランド最大のエンターテイメント「Miracle Gift Parade」が約3年ぶりに上演再開!




上演場所:サンリオピューロランド 1階ピューロビレッジ
上演回数:1日1~2回 (上演時間はホームページにて発表)