「Melty go-round, Harajuku Girl」Disney world Epcot Center@US(2015)

【展示中】フロリダ ディズニーワールド

アメリカ・フロリダにあるディズニーワールド「Epcot Center」の日本館にて開催中の展示「Kawaii: Japan’s Cute Culture」に増田セバスチャンの作品「Melty go-round, Harajuku Girl」が展示されています。



Now Disney Epcot Japan Gallery is exhibiting my newest sculpture “Melty go-round, Harajuku Girl”. Harajuku Girl was settled on the traditional Japanese garden called “Kare-sansui”. If you have plan to go to Disney land in Florida, please check this out! (2015-)

Adorable Art on Display

The current Bijutsu-kan Gallery show, “Kawaii: Japan’s Cute Culture,” takes a look at this pop-culture phenomenon that’s swept the globe. 

Kawaii means cute or loveable—and represents an obsession with all things darling, like Hello Kitty, which is included in the exhibit. You’ll discover how kawaii is rooted deep in Japan’s Shinto past and how it’s become a core aspect of Japanese culture—and a new form of self-expression.
Tour a replica Tokyo apartment of a kawaii superfan bursting with all things precious—and prepare for major cuteness overload.
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