Hyakunengo Art Festival @Chiba(2023-)


Sebastian Masuda is participating in the “100 Years Later Art Festival” being held in five cities in Boso, Chiba Prefecture until May 26.
In addition to “The Secret of the Hole” exhibited at Kurkku Fields and the art piano at Kisarazu Station, “Primal Pop” series including new works will be exhibited at the Information Center at the east exit of Kisarazu Station. Art goods are also available for purchase.

Kurkku Fields(クルックフィールズ)の「ぽっかりあいた穴の秘密」や木更津駅のアートピアノに加えて、新作を含む『Primal Pop』シリーズを木更津駅東口インフォメーションセンターにて展示。アートグッズの販売も展開しています。お花見やGWのレジャーと合わせて、ぜひお立ち寄りください。

About Hyakunengo Art Festival
Hyakunengo Art Festival is an art festival held as part of the Chiba Prefecture 150th Anniversary Commemorative Project and open to anyone thinking about the future 100 years from now. Set in Chiba, which is rich in nature and cultural resources, we aim to create an art festival as a place for co-creation to create the next 100 years together.

Takeshi Kobayashi, a music producer who is the representative of KURKKU FIELDS (Kisarazu City), one of the venues for the art festival, has been appointed as the general producer. The general art director will be Fram Kitagawa, who has been involved in many community-based art festivals.

Various works of art by artists and creators from Japan and abroad will be exhibited in various parts of Chiba Prefecture, mainly in Uchiboso, and there will also be hands-on programs such as live art performances and food-themed experiences. .

Let’s think together 100 years from now through “art”, “technology”, “music”, “food”, and “learning” from them.

Hyakunengo Art Festival