SUSHIDELIC, a sushi restaurant created by Sebastian Masuda @ Soho, New York.(2023-)



Finally! Sushi restaurant SUSHIDELIC by Sebastian Masuda will open in SoHo, New York on June 28. Sushi+Delicious, Sushi+Psychedelic. Please take this new spot with your eyes, tongue, and all five senses.

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SUSHIDELIC, a sushi restaurant created by Sebastian Masuda, will open in Soho, New York.

Sebastian Masuda is a multi-disciplinary artist whose unique sense of color transcends the boundaries of art, fashion, and entertainment. His next project will take place in New York City, where he is currently based. The restaurant will offer a completely new perspective on sushi, the most popular Japanese food in the U.S. and an integral part of the American lifestyle.

Enjoy an Immersive Kawaii Experience The new location is meant to be an “immersive Kawaii experience.” Once you step into the restaurant, you’ll find yourself in a psychedelic and one-of-a-kind space that will make you feel as if you’ve wandered into another world. Guest will be guided by employees clad in colorful custom-made costumes, and three rotating cats will be suspended by the ceiling, rotating to reveal a secret image. Guests sitting at the counter will enjoy a pink custom-made conveyor belt, a.k.a a sushi lane.The restaurant will offer artist Sebastian Masuda “Immersive Kawaii Experiences” that go beyond THE DINING EXPERIENCE.

SUSHIDELIC is scheduled to open at 177 Lafayette St. in the heart of the SoHo area, where the latest fashions and trends are born and where many fashion brands have opened their flagship stores. We will keep you updated with the latest information as it becomes available. Please look forward to the chemistry between “Sushi” and “Kawaii,” two of Japan’s proudest exports.

Shop Overview
Opening: June 28, 2023
Address: 177 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013

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6月28日 ニューヨーク・SOHOに増田セバスチャンによる寿司レストラン「SUSHIDELIC」がオープンします。Sushi+Delicious, Sushi+Psychedelic。目で、舌で、五感全てでこの新スポットを味わってください。


店内に一歩入るとまるで異世界に迷い込んだようなサイケデリックでアイコニックな空間が広がり、ゲストを案内するのはカラフルなオーダーメイドの衣装を身に纏ったキャストたち。天井には、3匹の猫のアートが展示され、回転すると正面からは想像できない秘密のヴィジュアルが現れます。カウンター席から楽しめる回転寿司レーンは、ピンク色の特注品。流れてくるのは寿司だけではない⁉︎増田セバスチャンの”Kawaii”を見て触れて食べる、単なるレストランでの食事を越えた「没入型のカワイイ食体験(Immersive Kawaii Experiences)」を提供します。

最先端のファッションとトレンドが生まれるニューヨーク・マンハッタンの中でも、多くのファッションブランドが路面店を構えるなど特に感度の高い人々が集まるソーホー地区。SUSHIDELICはそんなソーホーエリアの中心地、177 Lafayette St.にオープンします。 最新情報は今後も随時公開予定です。日本が誇る2大カルチャー「Sushi」と「Kawaii」のケミストリーに、ぜひご期待ください。

住所:177 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013