Sebastian Masuda’s artwork is now for sale on ARTSY, the world’s largest art marketplace. Anyone can purchase Sebastian’s works online. 世界最大のアートマーケットプレイス「ARTSY」にて増田セバスチャンのアート作品を販売中。オンラインで世界中から作品購入が可能。

Sebastian Masuda ART

An official art goods brand of Sebastian Masuda. Developing fashion items, goods with designs based on Harajuku and Kawaii culture, and also using his major artwork ’Colorful Rebellion’ series. 増田セバスチャンの公式アートグッズブランド。文房具からファッション雑貨など幅広く展開。


6%DOKIDOKI is a brand spreading Harajuku Kawaii culture since 1995. These are original items, with concept of 'Sensational Kawaii'.

6-D Sebastian Masuda

6-D Sebastian Masuda is a brand disigned by Sebastian Masuda. The theme is ’Noise it Colorful.’, as message for adults who put on years but still have diversity, extremeness and playfulness... such as spiritual colorfulness in their mind.年齢を重ねても内面に沸々と残る精神的なカラフルさを持ち続けるオトナ達へ向けたファッションブランド。

Collaboration Item